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Sunday, October 19, 2008

heyya fren! you see me again! adoIi... xtau nak watpe.. so aku pon rajen2 kan lah diri niy mencari sesuatu yg bleh di share utk bg semangat,advice or nasihat. sameade utk korunk n utk aku jgk..meh2..jom lyn perkare yg ptt korunk wat. berhepi smbil blajar!;D

be positive always

never give up before you even try.nothing is really over until you stop trying. never say it's impossible before you persue the way you think it's possible. never make yourself feel less worthy by comparing yourself with others. never allow obstacles to stop you. confront and transform them to opportunities. believe in working hard towards your future. take a step at a time to reach your goals. always believe in yourself. your happiness in your hands............for it you keep staying positive,you can
make dreams come true!

KeEp BeLiEvIng

that you have what it takes to make your dream a reality.

KeEp StAyIng PoSiTiVe

knowing that you are in control of your life that you have the ability within you to do anything.

KeEp On TrYiNg

at every opportunity that comes by- accepting challenges and learning along the way.

KeEp BeInG

the beautiful person that you are giving so much hope, love and joy to those around you

lets try it!! nothing impossible okeyh!
so epi n smile alwayz!!


J said...

byak arh ko tlis;aku tabik

sniffa93_aznil4eva said...

haha. ade ke camtu ek.
ye lahh.. aku xtau nak wat pe.. so keje aku..meng update blog je r.