Saturday, August 2, 2008

siStErS (iqhma-iqhkha-iqhreen)

My Sister...
You're so far away,
but you're here
in my heart every day.

I know how lucky I am
to have a sister like you.
You're not just family,

but my best friend too.

I only wish that you
lived closer to me,
so we could get together
to share over a cup of tea.

But even though you're not here,
it's such a good feeling
to know you're out there...
sharing and caring
and making each day,
so much brighter
in your own special way.

All of the warmth you send
shines through,
and there will always be
a place in my heart for you.

weeee...misz korunk sme! ahha! jaoh x jaoh WE alwayz 2GETHER keyh! (in our heart)